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The following instruments
are available at the Woodshop

  • Drums
    Yamaha Recording Custom 6 pc kit
    Yamaha Maple Custom Snare
    Vintage Premier Snare
    Vintage Ludwig Supraphonic snare
    Pearl 13" Piccolo snare
    Large selection of Paiste, Zildjian and Sabian cymbals
    Variety of handheld percussion
    1970's Vintage LP Bongos
  • Guitars
    1962 Fender Telecaster
    1974 Fender Telecaster
    Gretsch Silverjet

    Gretsch 6120 Eddie Cochrane
    1955 Gibson Southern Jumbo
    Gibson Les Paul Special
    72' Harmony Sovereign
    Larivee D-05 Dreadnought
    1967 Guild D-44
    Fender US Jazz Bass
    Fender Mustang Bass
    Univox "Custom" hollowbody bass
    Late 50's Regal solid wood acoustic
    Early 60s Kay electric
    Norman 12 string Acoustic

  • Other Stringed Instruments
    1930's Kalamazoo Tenor Banjo
    1950's Supro Lap Steel (Six String)
    Washburn Solid Spruce Mandolin

  • Amplifiers
    Vox AC30-tb reissue 2x12 combo
    Ampeg PF-50 bass head with 1x15 cab
    Fender 68 Custom Deluxe Reverb (reissue)"
    Fender Princeton Reverb "Bordeaux"
    Fender Musimaster 1x12 combo
    1964 Fender Bassman
    Dr Z - Zbest 2x12 Cab
    Late 60's Paul 1X10 combo amp

  • Keyboards
    Early 1900s Ennis & Co. Upright Grand Piano
    Akai MPK 49 midi controller
    Casio 88 key weighted piano
    Ask about our library of sampled and virtual instruments including Synthogy Ivory

  • Misc
    Tenor Recorder
    Variety of ethnic flutes






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